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What Makes us Special?

My Student Online is a software company specialising in business applications for School Management Systems. Our platforms are delivered exclusively via the Internet (SaaS) and are designed for schools of all sizes.

We’ve always believed that our competitors could never emulate the passion we have for our business and the fact that we only care about one thing; client satisfaction.

Our employees work in what we call a ‘Culture of Innovation’. This incredibly creative approach to working has brought us some of the best ideas we’ve ever seen, and we’re proud of what we’ve built. It all started with our company philosophy, which is clearly outlined in our employee handbook.

As a team we have a long track record of delivering successful  solutions on an international basis; first as client/server, then across the web, and now from the Cloud. We’ve worked with companies across every business sector and of every size, including some of the world’s largest, and most demanding organisations.

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What we think

Why My Student Online

My Student Online is a web based platform that manages employee data and the main processes they are involved in. It stores personal data, roles and competencies providing the necessary features to handle performance evaluations and corporate learning management.

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